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Recap II

Sorry, the pictures are gonna have to come later. Hopefully I can get the pictures up before anyone forgets about them.

So let's start this off with a positive note. As of yesterday... I no longer have to wear my Face Brace!!! It just wasn't worth it. It kept breaking, and my chin and forehead were bursting into flame. So now I don't have to wear it, and instead we have to keep the lower teeth back a little to help the upper jaw overlap. This should work fine, it's just a little slower. But if the lower jaw grows too quickly, I'll have to go in for surgery :/. But that won't be until three years... wait, I was told I'd get my lip worked on when I was seventeen... Hooh boy. The next three years are gonna be busy. And BTW, my mouth does hurt after getting my braces readjusted, but thank the Lord, it's hurting less than it would! I should be fine by tomorrow!

In other news... We left our Wii back at the Radins. Oops. We'll have to go and pick it up come May. But till then, we have a nice reminder to double check our luggage before leaving.

Important News for Nintendo Wii owners!!
Legacy Servers will be shutting down! The Nintendo Channel, Voting Channel, News Channel, and all Wiiconnect24 functions will cease come June! This severely limits the Wii's online capabilities, while letting Nintendo spend more time on the new Wii U's networking. Then again, if you don't use the internet functions for the Wii, then this won't mean much. The Shop Channel and Netflix will still run. Look it up for a full list of channels that will close.

Also, I have very important news about Minecraft! No nothing will be closing, rather in the new update, 1.6, a very special creature mob will be added. 'What Creature could this be?' You ask? Here's what.
File:Armored Horse.png
I kid you not. Horses are to be added in 1.6. Registered users can download the snapshot to get a look at the new mob and experiment. This will make Minecraft much more adventurey. Mules and Donkeys included.

Now a little side note; I've been thinking of changing either my Blogger picture or my Google+ Picture, and both have the same candidate for replacement.
How does it look? I dunno about the gesture, just wanted a picture taken. Picture courtesy of Thai Radin!
Think I should change it? Or should I keep my face off the web? Lemme know!
Back to Goldeneye! That game's actually pretty fun!

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  1. I would love to give you a reply about the picture but unfortunately it is broken with a little X in the corner. -_-
    Lucky you, getting less done on your teeth. My death tooth of doom needs to be removed and I want to vomit with worry -_-


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