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Recap I

The last couple days were just a bit hectic so I didn't get many opportunity to get online, let alone play games. We are currently in Chiang Mai, where it is super hot, and where we'll be staying for the next few days, and hopefully where my computer can get fixed.
I'm tired and my muscles ache and it hurts when I sit down... but it's not because of the long trip in the bumpy van (barely amounts to it actually) so I'll just tell you what happened on Saturday when we were still with the our friends in Bangkok. Please read it all, I've meant to post this a long time ago, but our schedule was crammed.

On Saturday we went to the Bangkok Si-Am Water/Amusement Park with our friends. Really it was a special event for their church group and we were able to tag along. We were all given these little paper bracelets that were supposedly waterproof, and without them we couldn't eat lunch or ride the attractions for free... however that works. Kinda like our own all-purpose ticket.

So the first plan was to get in the water. The first things I noticed upon entering the water-park area was the river-like pool... and the danged Bikinis (which I hate). Anyway, first we (being me and my bros, and Thai and Fa) went for a dip in the river, then we tried out the wave pool. Which is basically just a giant pool that gradually grows deeper, and its so deep that the wind makes tiny little waves splash around at the edges, making a little tide. First though we went around the kiddy section where there's a 'waterfall'. We stood under a shower of cold water like Tien Shinhan for a good couple minutes before moving on for some rides.

The first ride we decided would be the Haunted House. All of us went and Steve (who will become one of us in six short days) had absolutely no problem with going into a dark neon-filled house full of foam-covered robots. No, the haunted house was fine. The robots were hardly shocking (though that rokurokubi did come close), no the biggest problem was that a pair of girls came with us and they wouldn't stop screaming. The rattling of the house did not account for the ringing of my poor ears from their shrills. John and Thai were okay with it, because the girls occasionally clung to them. Yeah... I was able to try out my roar I usually use for when we play Wolf with the Robinsons. Scared the daylights out of the two (yes, exaggeration, but they still blew out my eardrums when I did it). For extra psychological emphasis for the asian folk, the second-to-last room was a scene from Thai Hell; which consisted of a big fat Demon boiling foam puppets inside a steaming river, and a bunch of gremlins poking scrawny naked souls up a spiky pillar (this one was more disturbing than actually scary). The final room (which was the scariest of them all) was a scene from Thai heaven as a sudden break in atmosphere. Honestly, a long, barely human looking woman with an odd face and huge ear lobes being followed around by flying mermaids is hardly my idea of a good place after witnessing Hell. ...Oh well. So we left the house with only half of our eardrums intact (exaggeration) and decided to look for some rides.

edit: I forget when, but it was around now that we ate lunch. It was indoors and it was a buffet, but we didn't stay too long. It had a soda fountain with free refills, but the soda was warm and the coke was out. Figures.

We went to see a 'Jurassic Adventure,' but it was a kiddy thing, so we didn't go. There was the 'Grand Canyon (something) roller coaster ride, but the moment we got there, Steve had a some words of wisdom to share.
"...The ride's long, the coaster's slow, and it looks like a horse... what are we doing here?"
 Then we found 'African Adventure' and we decided to give it a shot. The ride consisted of a very slow train-ride watching foam animals kill foam people. We also saw how foam aboriginals dealt with foam travellers, and saw many exotic examples of African wildlife, which included Kangaroos and Pandas. (Reality check?).
Me, Steve, and Fa had enough after the slow ride, but Thai and John wanted to continue to the boat ride, so we split and agreed to go to meet at the Vortex Roller Coaster. I was under the impression we were gonna ride that thing, but when I saw it I dismissed the idea. It was a long track where people were strapped into a bunch of chairs that hung bottom-side from the cart, and the track constantly twisted around into loopty-loops. Fa said he wasn't gonna ride anyway and just wanted to watch it, so we just decided to wait there as we drank from cans of coke. I saw a shoe or two fly from the ride as it passed by.

Finally after three rounds were made by the ride, John and Thai showed up and said the boat ride was awesome... whatever. So then we decided to check out the Si-Am tower. Basically it was a round 'room' on a tower that slowly climbed upwards giving you a bird's eye view of the park. Thai took some pictures while we were up. Nothing extraordinary really, besides my obvious uncomfortable feelings with high places. The room was sealed, and on top of that had Air-Con, so we were fine.

Next we decided to actually go back to the waterpark. We decided to do some waterslides. First we tried a topsy-turvy one, which had four slides, A-D. B and C were lower ones. We tried the lower ones first, which were fun. Mom found us and tried to film us as we came crashing down the slide, but she wasn't able to get a good shot of me... oh well. It wasn't very comfortable once the slide was over. The high speeds and water made my suit give me a little wedgie, which I hastily fixed before I surfaced from the pool at the bottom of the slide... every time. We went on that slide the most.

Then we decided to check out the real wavepool, and it was awesome. We swam all the way to the middle where the water constantly swelled. Me and Fa did a mock Water-Bending fight, and I was able to use some tricks from the Village kids that I learned when we would play in the river. It involves sliding one hand quickly after the other on the surface of the water, sending water splashing in the target's face.

After a bit Thai and Steve went back to the Waterfall and John decided we should drift back to shore. Took us a while. We met up with Mom and Dad and decided to try out the longest waterslide in South-east asia... the whatever-its-called-inator... Six rainbow-colored water slides, with the first four being on the way top.
When the lifeguard was giving us directions on how we should position ourselves as we slid down, the current caught Steve and he made his descent early. Poor guy. Anyway we went on that one twice.

BTW, at the park, the restrooms have no paper, and you have to buy some out of a dispenser... Cheap much?

We met up with Thai and Fa's church group, and three girls wanted someone to go with on some rides, so me and the other two were selected to be their companions... great. Anyway, we went on some thing called the 'Disco'. It's a long 'saucer' with seats around the interior, and its placed at an angle. The ride starts to spin at high speed, and then when it reaches the highest point of the tilt, it bounces upwards. We rode it three times. I don't know what hurt my ears more, the sounds of the machines or the girls screaming. honestly, there was no threat, and it was perfectly safe, and no one was in danger off falling off, so what's with the screaming?. Then again, when Steve started to act like he was succumbing to G-force, they made the staff stop the ride.

The rest is kind of a blur. All-in-all, we spent nearly the whole day there, had a few drinks of coke, swam far longer than we have in nearly a year, I suppose, and saw a few cute girls. John saw ten, I saw five. I'm just kidding really. But really,  I honestly don't understand the deal with them and Bikinis. Then again it's probably the same thing with some men and speedoes. ...Ugh. I saw a video about a guy doing a Seminar, and he has a message for girls; 'If you're not selling, don't advertise.'

...Ugh. I wore my suit the whole time, and after the disco ride, I'm all achey, and it probably won't improve until tomorrow or the day after... I'm gonna sleep like tonight. Anyway, I'll probably post some pictures from the park tomorrow, and then I'll do another recap after what we do today. Hopefully it won't take long before I'm back on sched'.

We're going to a friend's house so that's all I got for now. I'll post later.

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  1. I honestly don't know where to start. XD this is such a long post! Looks like you had a fantastic time :)

    Also, you're the only guy I know that doesn't like girls in bikinis at 15. *laughs*


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