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Halo Havoc

Dad went up to the village with some friends today. When they saw me, they were surprised on how much 'Jing' had grown. 'Said I should do some more work. Also commended me on my facial hair. Yeah... wish I could actually speak Karen.

Played Halo with John today. ...Sometimes I hate the big maps. With lots of people it's fine, but with only two, and the place being full of hiding places. I was in first place anyway... but It's really annoying when you can't see or shoot the other guy! For nearly twenty minutes I traversed Death Island on Banshees and Warthogs but couldn't find him... Until he gave me one vital hint, then I found him, then he shot my head off. Halo's fun, sometimes.
"Under your nose" he says. "Red Nostril" How was I supposed to know he meant the red base?!
Oi. Can't wait to do it on my own computer again... If the guys fix it.

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  1. Sorry for not commenting earlier. XD I always read your new posts but I never quite get around to commenting... :/

    That reminds me of the times Christie and I used to play Mario Kart together. We'd turn off CPU carts and drive around testing shortcuts through every single course. XD


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