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Gurren Lagann Finished

Yes, John our elder has finished that show in just under three days. The ending was bittersweet, but when you see it Thai and don't know what the heck is going on it seems sadder. Now we know it had a happier ending. Kudos to John! I have yet to Finish Gundam Wing and then move on to Ruroni Kenshi (spelling?). Missed most of the show (including the Beach Episode, which is more or less welcome), and I have to say I liked it more than I thought. If only it wasn't done by Gainax.

Today we're mostly home alone because Mom, Dad, and Sarah went to Kanchanaburi to take some friends from the village to the hospital so one of them can see her kid who was in a bike accident... So far he's fine, and let's pray that God helps him. He is a believer, so either way he's fine, I guess. But it would be a great help to his family if he pulled through.

Surprisingly with all this freedom we have found ourselves next to doing nothing. Computer, anime, and that's it. Two geckos got too close for comfort and we scared them off, but that was it. We tried out Haruhi Suzumiya and couldn't get past the opening. If only I knew it was seinen beforehand.

I'm going out for a walk. Tomorrow's a holiday... for the Thai. Post Office is closed. Man... Expecting a Package

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  1. Hope that kid gets better. :) I'll say a prayer for him.
    Haha, Haruhi, hey? So you couldn't get past the opening? I'd like to see your reaction to the playboy bunny suits she gets them wearing *laughs* but tell me, what does seinen mean?


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