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God Bless!


Bro Time

Brotherhood has awesome peaks in fellowship, and when it does comes in one of three parts; Kicking & Screaming, talking, or playing. Me and John's case for tonight; Eating toast and playing Knuck'es Chaotix. That game used to be so boring, I tell ya. You play as knuckles and/or one of his four friends from who-knows-where and they get to go through eight stages (or six I forget) five times, working with a quirky buddy system. Special Stages are fun, but it's still boring... unless you bring a friend! I played as Espio, John as Mighty, and we had a fun time, trying to work out the ring-band system, collecting rings, losing rings, getting to high jumps, missing High Jumps, boy it was a blast! Now we're watching a Tim Allen Skit. I like his shows, but his acts... meh. I prefer Brian Regan.

Going to get back to the act and then try a new Rom, see if it works better this time.

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