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Back from the Village

So our friends came over saturday, we had a blast playing games, watching Avatar, and talking. Then the next day, we saddled up the ol' truck and took Thai and Fa and their parents for a ride up to the village. We all rode in the back, and on the way to the border it was just windy (Thai lost his hat on the way :/), but on the way up the hills it was plain bumpy (I'm still sore when I sit down). See, the ride up to the village takes place in three parts, all being three hills. When we first got up the third, Fa was like 'Are we there yet?!' and I said 'No, this is just the first hill,'
'So like half way then?'
'No, like a third.'
The village was great, and we were able to see familiar faces (gosh, they've grown!), stayed up for like three hours, and then headed back down. The return trip was a whole lot faster and we made it back in just like two hours (the trip up was three).

So we come home, rest, and the parents go visiting so the boys and girls (Sarah's good friends with Thai and Fa's sister) stay to make dinner. We had linguine (spelling?)  and I sort of panicked about what Mom told us to do, and we ended up making too much. Anyways...
They just left this morning, and now we're back to school and everything's quiet now...
Steve's birthday is in three weeks (twenty days).

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  1. Did you ride on the back of the car? Damn, I saw people do that when I lived in Thailand! I always wanted to try it... But I suppose the bumps would really hurt.

    Sounds like you had a bunch of fun. :)


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