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The Wave

Today I just finished reading a book called 'The Wave' for school. It's based on a highschool where after being shown a Documentary on WWII, and the terror of what the Nazis did was shown, some students take it seriously, some don't. So the teacher starts a little experiment inside the school where he starts to drill the students like a Nazi would, telling them that strength through discipline is the way to go, and being Teenagers, the students take the idea seriously and after a few more days of training, the 'movement' takes shape as 'the wave'. They are encouraged to let others join and keep an eye on those who don't follow the rules. They are encouraged that as they join the wave, they will all become equal. It spreads outside the Teacher's class, and soon nearly the whole school is a part of it. But things take a turn for the worse when it becomes an excuse for bullying and racism. Finally, after nearly a week, the Teacher announces a (fictitious) meeting will be held at the gym where national Wave leaders will have a conference. But the students that gather aren't shown a conference. They are shown another documentary of the Nazis. The teacher admits the whole experiment and says how he meant to show the students what it meant to be inside Germany at the time and to blindly follow orders like the Hitler youth did, believing it was for their own better good, and how it became a crime not to join and all that, and really wasn't a good thing at all.
In reality, this is just peer pressure and 'fitting in' taken to the extreme. In schools everywhere people get discriminated and filtered by their interests and origins simply because some feel it isn't the norm. And joining the same cause to make people 'equal' doesn't help, in fact it makes it worse, because those that don't join aren't equal, and problems arise.
That's not to say that we're like the Nazis when we do these things, no, the Nazis simply used one of our defining traits as human beings and used it for their own good. We all want to feel accepted or important sometimes. We all worry about what the world thinks of us.
But there's someone who doesn't care a thing about what the world thinks, and to quote CS Lewis: "You're as much alone with Him as if you were the only thing He'd ever created." 

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  1. That actually sounds like a fantastic concept for a story (takes notes).

    This was probably actually a good thing to post on Good Friday, as opposed to whatever nonsense I'll post...


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