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Technology is wonderful. It entertains us, it keeps us connected, it helps us with our work, and it's very nice to have your own personal computer to do these things... EXCEPT WHEN IT DOESN'T WORK!!

The guys up in Bangkok could do nothing to help my computer, and unless the guys up in Chiang Mai can do anything about it, my computer's done for! So if that doesn't work, either we find help from elsewhere, or I find another computer. Not cool at all. My hard drive was recovered though and I got my stuff off. Now I can work on Phantasm without stalling because of Computer difficulties. I just realized how many people tend to panic when their computer breaks because of all the stuff they'll lose. Assuming it's not a virus and your computer is just broken, all you have to do is screw the bottom panel off and take out the hard drive and have another computer take your stuff off. I find it ridiculous how some people charge to save your memory when they fix a computer or how people make little businesses about recovering your computer's memory when all you have to do is take the Drive out.

Back to the point, my computer is still not working, but I will get back to work on my stories and try to get them updated. Who knows? Maybe it's God's will that my computer doesn't work. In that case, I'll just have to endure.

Gonna go play Halo.

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  1. Technology. Gotta love it. Sounds a bit like my iPad, which can either last for three days of charge or ten hours, depending on its mood.


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