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So... after a really bad wind storm and both our power and Internet getting occasionally undone, things look like they're pretty stable right now. Dad was up in the village for longer than he said, so after a bad storm, naturally we were all a little worried. Dad came back yesterday, and the only problem was that his truck broke down so it took longer to get down.
Dad had to go back up again, but before that he had found a new computer shop uptown and took our computers to get looked at. Turns  out my computer's display driver (as always, my computer's screens are breaking!) is bugging out and therefore the computer tries not to boot up, and the one in John and Steve's was just plain broken and had to get fixed. We dunno if he can do anything yet, but we'll know when Dad comes back on Sunday.
Anyway, have you heard of TVTropes.com? Odds are you have, I guess. It's a site that lists all the fundamentals of fiction, albeit in a sarcastic (and occasionally rude) matter, kind of treating them like cliches, but at best they're informative. *Laughs* I have to admit after looking at this site a lot of the ideas in stories look reused and recycled, but I'd hate to be the guys who had to collect it all, I doubt any story's new to them. But it's the truth, barely anything's new today. It's either rarely used or overused, and it makes thinking of a story you want to stand out more frustrating.
Their lists of tropes are endless. One such Trope is called TearJerk. It describes a moment plentiful in the media in which something tugs at your strings so hard they break. Usually it only works if you're emotionally attached to the story, such as a show you've been watching for a long time. I looked at the TearJerk page for Dragon Ball Z, and for one whose watched the show since he was little, a lot of the moments just described brought be close to tears. Of course the Japanese version more so, and it doesn't help when they tell you to listen to music as you re-read the quotes. I bet Clannad's page is full of it, though I don't dare read at the risk of spoilers. Now then, how to make my stories tug strings...

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  1. Make a character look like a totally amazing dude and then kill him off. Usually works.
    Definitely not going to go and look at Clannad. Seriously. Make me cry all over again. I bet you I will still cry in that anime if I rewatch it.


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