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Play Station Emu succesful!

So to take my mind of things I've been trying to emulate Megaman X4. It's a 32-bit game, has FMV Anime cutscenes, and awful American Voice-Acting, so I decided to try it out. Maybe I'd get some inspiration for Neo. I had three options:
  • Try to Emulate the Sega Saturn Version
  • Try to Emulate the Play Station Version
  • Try to find a free download of the PC version
First I tried the PC version, which worked just fine... only it had no music since the CD wasn't in the computer. I tried looking for an ISO, but the only ones were in Latino. So then I tried to emulate the Saturn... Big mistake. The Sega Saturn was the most powerful system of the late nineties and had the most potential. Problem was it was so good that people had a hard time making games for it! And emulation is even worse, so i couldn't even get it started without getting DirectX, which would take too long. Plus the only Saturn games I'd want to play are on Steam. So I tried the PS version. I looked up a Noob's guide on emulating the PS, and found a different, much simpler Emulator! So after getting it set up and download the hecka big ISO, I got it working!! So... after you get around the bad Voice-Acting in the FMV scenes, the game is pretty cool! And surprisingly difficult! I figured post-16 bit games were usually pretty easy. Maybe it's because of the unfamiliar controls... Anyways, I'm playing the game, having fun, and Steve wants to try Klonoa on it.

This is kind of an experiment, I'm seeing if I can post on Blogger from my Email. I'm going to go for a walk and then maybe have some Sorbet Mom made.
Expect the next Phantasm Chapter soon ;)

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