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The emulation was very buggy. After the first boss fight I couldn't move. SO then I tried the Saturn version one last time, and wasted two hours of my life for nothing. Might as well just buy the game if things are this difficult! I'll stick to the Sega Fusion for now.
Nothing else happening, besides John getting sick and, well... erh... needing a bowl. He's better now, I think.
Let's hope he gets better.

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  1. Ugh, send well wishes to John!! :) tell him to get better soon.
    That emulation reminds me of people trying to download Spirit Tracks on their R4 chips for DS's. It worked until actually driving the train, and there were no controls. *laughs* good times.

    I do like to try and buy my video games, but I watch nearly everything online. I feel pretty bad, but I don't have that kind of money, and lets face it. The Japanese can watch this on TV for nayrus sake!!

    *rant over* sorry for spamming your comment section. But yeah. :) good luck with further emulation!!


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