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So, as my Google+ post mentioned with that silly Video, we finally got the Hyrule Historia. The pictures rock, the Manga rocks, the book itself rocks. I'm trying not to devour it within the first week, so I'm restraining myself. Though, the Manga felt a bit rushed, in my opinion, but it was still fine.

We wrapped up Young Justice today. Thanks to Cartoon Network, the story was rushed because they weren't willing to let a show that didn't make satisfactory profit run any longer, and they wanted to make room for two more shows. The ending was cool, and it left room for another season in case CN change their mind, and it was very bittersweet. Poor Wally...

And because Steve would kill me if I said didn't say, he finished the second Plasma Saga arc.

Also, after a bit of a restless night I had, I came to a conclusion; Phantasm would run for Ten Chapters. The way I kept forcing myself to keep it short made me cram the stuff and take stuff out, and I realized I couldn't rush it without feeling cheap or weak. So... four more chapters, and maybe an epilogue, but that's it. Plus it lets me expand upon some more characters.

Tomorrow my computer, hopefully, returns, and I'll be posting from it tomorrow, God Willing.

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  1. Ugh, I have so much to keep up with these days...I'm sorry. :( just a little over my head.
    Four chapters sounds like a good way to wrap it up. Your chapters are so long, I think it gives you plenty of time to work on it.
    I want to read Hyrule Historia!! Especially the manga! A) how much did it cost? B) is it available online in English?


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