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Done and Done

I've been tweaking with my computer's settings for a bit, seeing what was the best setup for games and whatnot. Did you know you can go to the device manager and update your graphics card? It can help heaps when you think your computer's just old. I had a bit of a flicker problem with games like Halo and Minecraft, but that's fixed now, and I'm happy...
I actually don't want to type that much. I just finished my paper on KV and Tutankhamun and am quite through with typing for the most part. I tell ya, procrastinating is awful. You put it off and feel good for a bit, but then it constantly gnaws at you the whole time, and if you even think you've gotten away with it, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But the project's done for now, so I'm at peace...

Also big news. The computer guys over here like to leave little extras on the computers they refurbish, like free antivirus that isn't on trial, or programs that speed up/manage downloads, etc. But guess what they put on this particular computer?
Adobe Photoshop. Extended. For free. Is that a Woot or what?! Now I don't have to download Gimp, and now I have a more professional program for my drawings! This will come in handy... oh yes it will... Now if only I had a Graphics Tablet. Any recommendations?
Gotta clean the restroom then go with John on a walk.
Sayonara. (Was this post long? Nooo!)

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