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Guess who's back...?!

So... after how long, my computer is finally fixed! I am posting this from my beloved acer computer! Apparently, and thankfully, the issue was a problem with my motherboard, and not a virus. But that's the last time I try a torrent. So my beloved files, games, and documents are back, and now I can easily do my research project on ancient Egypt... yay. No time for slack, gotta get that done.
After I'm done with Halo. I'm not gonna explain what it is because odds are you've heard of it at least once (long before you've heard of Metroid for most people), we have three disks of the game at home (we were sent them by our folks because of the multiplayer fun), and we were all able to get Halo going on our computers, and I got it on mine.
"Buy one, heck buy two! And that's an order, Soldier!"

The game is awesome, the guns are cool, and there's nothing more enjoyable in the modern teen's life than blowing Alien's heads off (don't worry, you can turn blood off, makes it run faster too). Or blowing up other people in multiplayer. And best of all it's not very demanding on the system, so I can play it fine. And some of our Friends have it too, so we'll be able to link up and play over the internet. The game is fairly cheap to buy, only like twenty dollars.

Unfortunately, John and Steve's new computer is having a major heat issue. The computer gets so hot that the display driver starts bugging out (and the whole computer becomes a potential frying pan as well). Hey that reminds me! Diddya know that when microsoft was first showcasing Halo, the computer they were going to use to demonstrate it literally blew up right when it began. John and Steve's computer is in no such bind, but it's still not very work-able. And the computer guys couldn't do anything to help besides saying it was a heat problem.

Also, since I have my comfy workplace back, I'll get back to work on Phantasm. This will chapter will focus on the antagonists, and that's all I'll say.

I was serious about not slacking off on the research project, so I gotta go get to that.
I am baaack!!

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  1. Welcome back! Great to see you here again.

    Yes, I have heard of Halo, in primary school it was classified as the game played by the nerdy boys so none of us so much as touched it, but I'm sure it's something I could get into.

    My laptop is a frying pan, too! I got a laptop lap pad for Christmas, it's actually very useful. My laptop used to burn my legs when I sat with it, so this definitely helps. If it's really bad, though, you may need to get it checked out.


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