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Kaykaykaykay so I've almost got a cold, but I'm getting over it, but besides that, today has been very... I don't wanna say Lucky, so I'll say Fortunate for me. You know 'Did You Know Gaming?' that site filled with mostly friendly trivia about video games? I submitted a fact about Knuckles the Echidna, and it got accepted! Nothing really special, they get submissions all the time, but it's still really cool!

Also, we were finally able to contact our Favorite Cousin Derek over Skype! Well, really we called his mom first, and at first she didn't recognize me at first (there was no video, of course, we used Skype to call her phone), and I asked about Derek, and she's like 'Why do you want to know...' Then I said like 'We met at Mrs. Barton's last Christmas?' and then she's like 'Oooh! Hi there!' Derek was over at a friend's house, so we weren't able to talk yet, but we'll get a hold of him tomorrow! Maybe we'll finally get to do our Wi-Fi brawl match going soon! ...Hm... If Chelsea reads this, think it's possible that we could let Derek join if he's ready on Sunday? Either way, Sunday's gonna rock! But dad won't be here... He'll be up at the village... Oh well.

And now for the real big news! Like a week or two back, The Megaman Network hosted a giveaway contest, two music albums, one tin can filled with albums, a compiled encyclopedia, (all Megaman, of course,) and a Megaman D-Arts figure!

D-arts are a lot like SHFiguarts that I've rambled about before, they're ultra pose-able and have are great collector's items, and are great for setting up and putting on your shelf. The problem is that since they're not just your regular toy, and are much sturdier than the stuff you'd get normally, they can cost like $40+. Yeah, I entered the contest and won the D-Arts. I kid you not. Here is the post, and the winners are listed. So where was I... Yahoo!! So like this thing's gonna get shipped soon, of course I have to give them my address, but it's still great! I don't know when it's gonna get here, but I can bet there's a review coming once it does! I don't mean to brag, of course. This is pretty neat! Kinda like a late Gift! Thank you Lord for gifting us with these little pleasures to remind us of your glory and grace, amen.

We're going over to a house for a late Christmas Part, and we may leave soon. That's it. Hope everyone has a good new years!

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  1. You're kidding?! No one I know ever wins those things!! Well done!! Someone was smiling down on you that day. :)

    Um, your cousin should be fine to join in. I personally think the more the merrier, but Christie mightn't be okay with it. I'll ask, but she might not be joining in anyway. I'll get back to you!


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