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Week or Month, now?

...I feel kinda lazy when I resort to making a Blog post when I'm in the middle of writing Phantasm. Feels kinda cop-outish to use my skills for simple stuff when I'm stumped. Anyway, I would just let the people who read this blog know that Phantasm has been under constant construction, and the next chapter is well on its way, I am simply missing opportunities to get on the computer, such as now. I was hoping on posting the chapter in the first week of '13, but that didn't work. Maybe by the end of the month? Oy vey, I hate blocks.
Ugh... I have to go do other stuff. Not enough to talk about.

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  1. *laughs* So I'm not the only one who gets constant blocks and still has nothing to blog about. :)
    At least you're working on stuff... I haven't touched my stories since school's out!!


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