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SegaCD finally

 Finally, after how long in Chiang Mai and beyond I'm home. I bought a headset while we were out, and it's a lot less hard on my ears and I'm able to listen to music again. Unfortunately they're big and bulky and not good to walk around with, so I left it at the computer today.

So you know how I ranted a few months back about how my SegaCD emulator didn't work? Apparently I forgot to check a box in the options or something... heh. So I tried that Kamen Rider ZO game... yeah, it plucks. FMV Games aren't very intuitive. So I tried another game for the CD, Snatcher. It's done by the same guy who did Metal Gear, so it sounded interesting, plus it was one of his first games, so you can't expect something so bad. Yeah... It's rated T, go figure, it's better that what it could've been as M. It's very interesting, you get to go around and ask questions, investigate stuff, it's all cool. Unless you're inspecting a corpse, but that's only once.

Hey... with a headset and a webcam, I may be able to do some special stuff, maybe some rants or V-Logs... think of it! But this house is very bad at keeping privacy (we don't have our own rooms if I never mentioned that), so it may be difficult. But for now, here's another picture.
Yes I'm wearing blue. Wardrobe problem.

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