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I was wrong

Kay... you know how I brought up Faiz and said it's for boys, tween boys at that, and it's like anime with the story, though there's no shipping? Well maybe there may not be shipping, but I meant there was no relationship thing going on in the show. I was WRONG. Get this, this is the story arc for Kamen Rider Faiz ep 20.

The story is told from two points of view, one from Takumi (Faiz), Mari (the heroine), and Keitaro (The guy), who deal with the Orphenocs. And then there's the renegade Orphenocs; Kiba (Horse), Kaidou (Snake), and Yuka (Crane). Okay, here's where things get just a bit complicated if you don't know who's who, so I'm gonna go and give them all different colors, kay?
So, Keitaro, the guy, really likes Yuka, while she really likes Kaidou, who really likes Mari (who doesn't really like anybody). They all know each other because they were all caught up in the same situations before. In the course of the episode, Mari and Yuka get together to cook, and they start talking about the guys they like (giggling too), and Keitaro finds Kaidou towing his bike, so he helps him out, and they start talking about the girls they like, and they realize that they are close to the girl the opposite one likes, so they arrange something. Kaidou asks Yuka out, and she's happy, and Keitaro asks Mari out, and she's fine with it. And they all go to the same restaurant, and trade places. The outcome...
From left to right, Mari, Kaidou, Yuka, Keitaro
...Not pretty.
So to escape the tension, Mari volunteers to part-time at the restaurant, and everyone else follows. The next day? They all catch the same cold and Takumi and Kiba are stuck going to the restaurant to apply for them.  But then... they get attacked by Orphenocs, Takumi gets his Faiz Gear stolen, and Kiba is attacked by an executioner... so, yeah.
Kay, so it's not exactly shipping, but it's still about relationships, and I couldn't help sharing this joke. In fact, why don't you go watch it yourself? It's a good place to go if you're not worrying about intricate storylines, as this episode is pretty much a filler when you think about it. Of course Kamen Rider almost never has fillers, every 40+ episodes count. Anyway.
It's Friday so we got midnight to spare, and I'm gonna get some good work in this way!

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