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So I finished Kamen Rider Agito, nice show that one, finally after nearly three years of watching it. Thing is the episodes were taken off of youtube when I was like halfway through the show, so I was put off a little. Anyway, now that I got Agito out of the way, I moved on to my second favorite Heisei Rider.

Faiz, as in 'Fives,' but simplified for Japanese's sake, or like 'φ's'. The show was in '03, so the graphics aren't exactly pretty compared to what we can see now, and of course, some people find guys in rubber costumes fighting each other hard to take seriously. I actually think Faiz really proves people wrong when they say 'Kamen Rider's the same as Power Rangers, it's just a little kiddy show.' This is NOT a little Kid's show, unless of course Mom and Dad were there to watch, anyway. The story's very dark, there's lots of killing and betrayal, heck it's downright disturbing. Look at the first part of ep 1, you don't even need to finish the episode or this clip to see what I mean.

Despite that, I really like the show. It starts out dark, but if you stay and watch, you see how the characters develop to their problems, and how some people change, and/or change back, etc the story is very well developed, compared to more recent Kamen Riders anyway, and it's very much like an Anime. Oh yeah, in case it wasn't obvious, Faiz served as a lot of inspiration for my designs for Neo-Soldiers, with the glowing lines and all, perhaps looking at this guy gives you a better idea how I envision them? Save the bug-eyes, of course, my last picture definitely disproved bug eyes.

If you're fine with creepier animes (Vampire Knight whatever, I think, though I've never seen it myself,) then Faiz should be easy peasy, or even a walk in the park, so if you're looking for anime-esque stories, the first few Heisei riders is the place to go. However I can't guaranty any shipping, this is meant for tweens, after all (tween boys, at that).
Since there's not much to say, I decided to talk about Faiz. Hope you at least find it interesting, Kamen Rider  shouldn't be overlooked, (at least not the Heisei riders anyway, things tend to get cheesy after 2010).

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  1. *laughs* cuz you know I love my shipping. :)
    I have a lot of stuff I need to do (writing and drawing) and stuff I'm required to do (practise flute) but if I'm hellaz bored these holidays I'll go check that anime out. :)


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