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Since I have my own computer, I've decided I might as well get back to what I was doing before Mom's old one burned out. At first I was worrying about putting too much on and slowing it down, but it doesn't look like I have much to worry about, as my computer is in no hurry to drop performance, of course it's not much stronger than Dad's Acer, but still.
To start I got back to watching Gundam Wing, which has so far been my primary anime, though I haven't watched all of it yet. That show is rather political, when you think about it. Pacifist or not, aggressive or not, it just goes on. I personally am a Republican, and though I don't understand everything, I think they got the idea going of 'the least government the better,' with the bad guys trying to install more leaders and stuff like that, but there seems to be a bit of treachery going on (the main guy, Heero, is supposedly forced into piloting a new mech, but he has no problem with it, one guy who is normally a pacifist has a moment when his Dad dies and seems to lose it, and one guy approaches the enemy and requests to join so that his Mech may be repaired). I don't mean to get political on my readers, but if you're gonna watch Gundam, Ideals and politics will get mixed in, so be prepared. It looks like Steve is going to become my Agent for watching Gundam, he's probably researching right now.

The next step was to move some games on here. It's become a pain to keep plugging in my FireBird Flash Drive to play them, so I sucked it up and made a 'My Games' folder, that way things won't get cluttered/mixed up. I'll probably have to get back to work on the next Phantasm chapter so I don't start procrastinating again.

But first, I'm gonna go watch Young Justice with my Bros.

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  1. Gundam wing... I've heard that name before. Shows about politics sound kind of messed up... Maybe I'll stick with my romcoms. *laughs*
    Speaking of working on Phantasm, I'm stuck with writers block in my second chapter. *laughs*


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