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Back, Finally!

Okay, so we went to Chiang Mai, and we stayed at a different house where a Christian Karen grampa and his daughter lived. The place was fine, except it had NO INTERNET. So we would take a laptop out and drive around town looking for hotspots when John had to do the Wiki. But some really important things did happen! First of all I went to see an ear doctor and he says my ringing shouldn't be anything serious, though I should go and get a real test done to make sure, but we don't have time for that. Second of all, Dad's friends at the computer shop had two new computers they had refurbished, and Dad bought one of them for us. Just to be fair, since it cost 5000.-, we all had to pay a thousand for it (which we did have, by the way), but I decided not to pay my thousand. Instead I bought the other computer. Yep, you heard it. As of now, I Have MY OWN COMPUTER!
Sorry about the quality, the webcam (built-in by the way) isn't that good, and we don't know how to turn the lights on in here.
Not too much has really happened in this time, except visiting our friends, and doing... stuff. Right now we're at our friend Mark's house, and we may stay for a bit, but at least I'll be able to post!
To celebrate my return, how about a new chapter of Phantasm? I wanted this to be the final one, but the way I've made the story flow, it's just impossible, so I may need to go on a bit longer. Sorry! But you can read and enjoy! It also seems I have a new subscriber for my Story! Or did I already mention that...? Well somebody favorited Phantasm and now they're patience will be rewarded.

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  1. Sweet! Your own computer? That's awesome! Also, webcams are never that great, so don't sweat it.
    Gonna read Phantasm when I have a bit more time~


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