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Anime Test

I promised myself I wouldn't post until I had something to show for Phantasm, but I broke.

So... I was wondering what I should do... with Faiz being my primary show to watch right now, if I should start watching an Anime, but as I have strong preferences (like no frikkin male gaze! C'mon, Japan!), so I decided to type inside 'what anime should I watch next?' and I came across a neat little quizzy thing. So I entered my preferences, (and there were a lot of them!), the results were shown, and what was at the top? Ruroni Kenshin, whatever that is, but it sounds promising! And what was number two? Gundam Wing. *o* That reminds me, I gotta get back to that! Strangely, Dragon Ball Z was at number 10, and Evangelion was right beneath it. What the Heck...? Thankfully anything with Vampire in the name was at the bottom. The quiz was at 'Select Smart', so why don't you go and try it? Results may vary...

As for Phantasm, I ended up dumping the majority of the chapter I wrote. Very sorry, but this will take longer than I let on. I was so caught up in it, that I found where I wanted to go with my Chapter had deteriorated. So I'm basically starting over with that one. Here's a rare chance for reader's input! Should I add a new Character to be on Duskur's side? The main reason why would be to add more insight to Duskur and his partner without giving away information, but he will only be present for the chapter (which will hopefully conclude the First Act), so I'd like to know.

Awaiting input.

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  1. I'll remember that website, I never know what anime to watch, as you've probably seen me complain about several times. XD

    I suggest not to include another character for just one chapter. They'd be a pointless character. I feel kind of weird if someone walks in and walks out within the one chapter.


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