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2013 Peoplez

So... first day of the new year. What's been going on?
Well, Steve downloaded a Fire Emblem game for me to play, and actually he was so bored that he started playing it and got pretty addicted. This happened sometimes between us. One guy would start playing a game from another guy's favorite series and became engrossed. Zelda is an example, emulated anyway. Then I suggested another series he was interested in, and was able to start playing the game and caught up. Steve holds no hard feelings, yet. Fun game, highly recommended.

I drew up a little comic experimenting with my new style, but I may not be able to upload it today. Maybe tomorrow, when it's earlier in the day.

The cake's half gone already. Can you believe it?
So much for the first day, but I guess things aren't that special. People are still shooting firecrackers over here, and I bet they'll keep doing it for a while-- *pop!* there went another one. Anywayz that's it for now.

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