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Zoo Keeper

Today, as I've been told by Chelsea, is an auspicious day, which means the three numbers in the day, month, and year all match up. But this may be the last time any of us live to see one! How could I have missed this!! I woulda done something good for my blog if I knew it was an auspicious day!

But Dad did get us a movie going. Zoo Keeper. A dude works in a zoo, and wants to get his old girlfriend back, so the animals (who can apparently talk when we're not looking) start giving him advice. Though the movie is redeeming in the end, the advice is TERRIBLE, and so is the stuff he does. But in the end they make it all clear that he made a mistake(s) and all that. I would give it around 7/10, because though there's the dumb stuff and the mortification factor, it's pretty funny, and nice. Everyone is nice and friendly (except the rich people), and Griffin (SPOILER) Dumps the Job his big bro gives, but the bro shows no hard feelings. I like that kind of stuff. Also, though it's not as bad as I hoped, there is a bit of crude humor, but it's still pretty funny. I recommend it, I think it's great, but you may wanna brace yourself for a few parts.

This is my 299th post. What am I gonna do tomorrow? >;]
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I completely forgot to mention that yesterday would be the last auspicious day for a century. :/ oh well.
    Haha, I absolutely can't stand mortification humor. :)


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