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Yeah, the first MMO i've been able to play free of charge and with no catch, so far. All the other ones only let you play a demo, or five days, and then you could never log in again! This one, you only have to pay for extra areas! Kinda like Minecraft, I guess. It's pretty fun, and you get to give your wizard a cool 'Middle ages' like name. Here's my guy;
'James Ravenblade' catchy, huh? I'm a Balance wizard, so I can use any class' attacks I want, but of course I can only use some to make things fair. John and Steve entered too. 'John Moonblood', and 'Steven Dragonrider' are my brothers. I'm just beginning the game, and not much is going on, but it's still cool! There's voice acting, and it's pretty interesting, and nothing like ZXA. Why is it that when people get voice acting for video games there's a good chance it comes out sounding cheesy, while in games like this it's all good?

Nonetheless, I gotta stay focused on my other work. Sadly that's all I got.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Wizard101, eh? Maybe I'll have to check it out in free time after Christmas... up to my ears in drawing work. *sweatdrop*


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