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Special stuff

So, today Mom made some more Cake Donuts, so I made some Glaze for them. I made it chocolate, and it turned out fine. Speaking of which, here are some pictures. I had to take a picture with the phone, so it's not very pretty.

Yeah, not very pretty, but they tasted fine. I got to lick the whisk. Also, we had a special moment with Steve, though as he would want it, I won't post it on the blog. Instead, here is a link (removed) to the video. You'll have to listen very closely to see what's up.

Steve won Megaman Zero 4 (Thanks to some jump/immortal glitch), and got all the way to the end, and got all the EX skills along the way. The ending's actually pretty sad, but get this. Zero is one of the few Megaman series to actually get concluded. Yes, the Classic series, X, Legends, Starforce, and ZX never received proper conclusions. Only BattleNetwork and Zero were concluded.
And a sad conclusion at that.
Nothing else to do today... Oh wait! I exchanged a few Emails with our pastor from Illinois, and I told him about how I'm writing stuff, so he asked to see one, and I showed him Phantasm, and he really liked it! This has given me the motivation to try harder on releasing the next chapter! I gotta go get to work!
Sayonara for now. Let's hope Steve will talk to me.

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  1. I don't know what the song was... but you guys are so mean!! Poor kid... I feel for him!

    Anyway. Those donuts don't look picture perfect, but chocolate glaze? Yuuuuum. :)


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