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Rokko Chan

So, though I've been able to download Sonic Generations, our computers just aren't powerful enough to run it. Luckily, If an Xbox or PS3 are ever in our midst, they can run Steam. So I saved $37+ by getting it from Steam. And it's not too late if you have a console or a powerful computer! Within the next two days, you can buy Sonic Generations, along with a whole assortment of Games for under ten dollars! Don't mean to be a commercial man, but I personally think it's a good deal.

So... I've been playing away at another game. A fan game. A megaman fangame. What's the catch?
It's a girl. As you may know, in Japan, Megaman was called 'Rockman', so the name makes sense. The game takes no connection to the originals, except the concept. Beyond that it's pretty much stand-alone. I played the game, and was near instantly pleased with how fun and difficult it was. It's a lot like the classic Megaman games, more like Megaman 7, to be exact, but it looks like an 8-bit game. There's still a boss order, and weaknesses, and a bunch of final stages, and ETanks, so It's pretty much the same. The site recommends a joystick and Joy2Key, so I was able to play it fine. Pretty sweet music, too!
The game is sweet, and it's a great place to go if you're new to Megaman and wanna try it out. Here's a link to the game. I really recommend it!

Now to go eat, and see if anything else is on Steam.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. That Megaman girly is pretty kawaii. :) I'll have to remember to check that game out!


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