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God Bless!



We were invited to a Christmas party by a Church community, and today was the day, so we all dressed up nice, mom made some cookies, and we went over, and apparently we were the first ones there! Eventually more and more people arrived, and so did our Neighbors! We were relieved when we saw some kids our age show up! Two boys, one Girl. One boy was twelve, and he was younger than Steve, yet taller. Yeah... also, the Girl used to watch Ultraman! So we stayed, ate some Delicious food, sang some songs, at some dessert, talked, and left. We had a nice ride home, and here we are.

In other news, the Kindle Fire has been rockin', and I just discovered that since it works with bluetooth, it can pick up our Wii Remotes! Unfortunately, it isn't compatible, so no fun there. I also put my Phantasm demo on there. We weren't able to check the hard drive... oh well... (by the way, my hard drive may be experiencing the click of death!!)

John may want the computer back soon...
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I love how you capitalize Girl. :D long live women!
    Also, what's the click of death?


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