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New Years' with a Belated Cake!

Dad came home (thank goodness, he's a day late!) and mom started baking me my special cake. We usually get a square cake with a special frosting, but I wanted to try a round cake (we just rediscovered one of mom's round pans), so mom made the same black magic cake, but in a round pan (leaked a little, the way the pan works), and then we made some chocolate frosting and John put the frosting on the cake, and then mom made some colored icing, put it in a bag, cut off the corner, and squeezed a symbol on. Guess what it was...?

A Screw Attack! Yeah, the name sounds weird, but it's really neat looking. Dad was doing some stuff with a friend, so we had to wait an hour and a half before actually eating it. It was really good, and Sarah and Steve may be getting a little rush going on. John decided not to have a piece though. So now that I've eaten cake, the tradition is done, and I'm officially Fifteen years old! Kayz, so it's not a tradition, but hey.
Samus agrees with the awesomeness
 Yeah, this is a great new year's celebration (we bought some cokes to drink and we're staying up). Let's hope the next year is just as great! Tomorrow I start learning about Math functions, and I have to do more work researching the 20's for my first real paper. Writing is easy, extensive research is where the difficulty starts. But it's gonna be fine. Special thanks to everyone who's been sticking around, especially Chelsea, and I hope she has a good new year's too!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Ehhh? You're fifteen already? Damn, you're actually a year older than me... *cries* I guess I'm the youngun...
    Sweet cake... I love frosting! And that design is so cool! I wish I had the drive to put that much effort into a cake...


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