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New Ideas

So last night, me and John had a loong talk about our story ideas. John told me ideas about his stand-alone story he's thinking of, and I told him mine. And he also gave me an Idea on how to Make Neo-Soldier much more hopeful! Unfortunately, I will only put such Ideas to work once I've finished the four I'm working on right now. And that'll be a while.

In other News, as of five days ago, Steam had yet another Sale on their Games, and Sonic Generation's discount returned! So after working out the credit card problem, I actually BOUGHT IT! So what am I doing now? Playing it? NO. A: My computer can't handle it anyway, and B: There has been an issue with the Steam network, and now I can't download it. It's not some big proclaimed problem, it's just nothing will work. I tried to download the Steam Client on other computers, but they won't update. I tried downloading the game again, and it won't. Gr...

Downloaded some Dragon Ball Kai songs for my Mp4, and that show's songs were good. The opening, 'Dragon Soul', is very epic, and the ending is nice and happy, and now Characters are given individual themes! (at least, some of them. Poor Piccolo). Youtube 'Dragon Ball Kai Songs' to get a better idea. You won't be disappointed. And actually, if you aren't familiar with the original series, Dragon Ball Kai is a great place to start. I'm pretty sure Youtube has some episodes up.

I'm gonna go for a walk. Sayonara for now!

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  1. Ahaha, the plot bunnies attack right in the wrong moments, don't they? I need to get to work on Captive... but then I watch anime and the plot bunnies come whn I least need them!!


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