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Merry Christmas... oh wait it passed

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Things were a bit confusing. Yesterday we had a sweet and simple Christmas, we all were allowed to get an app off of the store for our Fire. Oh, and we took pictures.

So... yeah. Sadly Steve wasn't wearing Green that day. Anyways.

To celebrate the occasion, we thought we should write a special Lozoot Chapter! But since we were so busy with it, things were so complicated that we weren't able to do it in time for Christmas (for any side of the timezones) so we just decided to post it now since we only just finished it. Here's the Link (see what I did there?), and be sure to let me know what you think! (ooh, rhyme!)

So, yesterday we had a Wonderful feast of Turkey, potatoes, buns and beans, and we watched the Muppets Christmas Carol! Such a nice movie... And I would like to thank Chelsea for the wonderful Card she made me! The others liked it too!

So today, we slept in, got back to our Biology course (much easier than Chemistry, so far), and algebra, and reading. I also made some French Bread buns (like what Mom made last night), and guess what? They turned out almost better than the one last night! Yahoos!
I gotta go eat.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Damn it, I could almost predict what you were wearing!! But I really based it off your lozoot colours... *laughs*

    I'm gonna check out the fancy link tomorrow........ It's twenty to 12 at night and I should be asleep. :D goodnight!!


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