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Kindle Fire!

Today when me and Steve were out walking and brainstorming, Sarah came down and told us to come up to the house for a surprise, and when we came in, the Kindle Fire had arrived! One of our Churches back in America sent us over the kindle for Christmas! So now we have a really cool tablet! We downloaded a few free apps, and we were able to play a game we weren't able to on the Android phone (don't know if I mentioned that earlier before), got a drawing app, and Angry Birds (maybe we should get the Space version on there?). Sadly however, I accidentally deleted the Phantasm Ebook when I tried to download it, so once we get the hard drive checked, I can make a new one. Maybe we could try some new emulators on the Fire that didn't work on the Android! Maybe we could get Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Later today, me, John, and Sarah went walking, and we saw that new big dog that's been hanging around here was having himself a fish. And when Sarah walked by, it started growling. So John shouted and scared him off, and we grabbed some sticks. When we came back on the lap up, we saw the dog and it started growling again, so John gave him what for and chased him off. Sheesh.

That reminds me... Our friends from Chiang Mai won't be coming. SIGH...
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Woot! Fun new gadgets. :)
    Ugh... that's why I don't like most dogs... they're scary! *is a wimp*


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