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Hard Game and Gummy Pretzels

With nothing else to do and the smart phone emulator just not doing me, I decided to start playing Megaman Zero on No$gba since I had nothing else to do (besides suffering from a block). Might I speak plainly? THAT GAME IS HARD. You won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindboggingly hard that game actually is. You may have though that games from the nineties were hard, but that's peanuts compared to Zero. Your health is like half of what it should be in other games, enemies do like twice of what they should, Bosses can practically kill you in one move, and you need to complete a mission in just the right amount of time at just the right amount of damage with just the right amount of enemies killed before you get A rank, and even then you can only take the bosses' weapon (which is like a must-have for Megaman games) at A rank.
Couldn't have said it better myself
 Sigh. But I managed somehow to get to the halfway point of the game, almost. Yikes, they expect you to have hair-trigger reflexes in that game.

In other news, Mom made me make some pretzel sticks (like the ones at Auntie Ann's), I made the dough, mom rolled it out, I set them on the trays, and when they were finally cooked, we realized; I didn't put the yeast in. So now we have like a tray of gummy pretzel sticks, waiting for some sorry soul to choke on them. Okay, so they're not that bad, but still. Put some cinnamon or coconut on them and it pretty much drowns the gummy taste. 

I guess I'll go for a walk, or fail some more at Megaman Zero.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I have to say, I laughed when I read about the pretzels. Sounds like a mistake I'd make. :D
    Video games are haaard... That's why I watch anime. So much easier. :D And I like Zelda because it's relatively easy and the puzzles don't make your brain hurt too much. I was talking to Niels today and he was talking about the new Professor Layton game and I was like Aaaah! My brain hurts! :)


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