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So, like two days ago I tried to use an AVG application that was supposed to speed up my PC, and for the first couple steps it seemed to work! I freed up some disk space, got rid of some programs, undid some browser options, and then scanned my C drive. The computer had to reboot after that, and when it restarted, the Computer was rendered virtually useless! I can't click nor see the taskbar, I can't click a thing, keyboard shortcuts don't work, and when I type in a command, it gives me the hourglass and it won't go away until ten minutes. I have practically killed my computer. I don't think it's a virus, I just think that the program didn't do what it should've. So now I took my precious hard-drive out and am waiting for dad plug it into his computer and so I can save some of my work. ワタシはバカ.

We watched the Hobbit yesterday, and I was a bit disappointed by the differences from the book. Though the only real thing they changed was the inclusion of 'behind the scene' matters, like Gandalf meeting Sauromon, and the tale of how Thorin got his name, but they did change some stuff, like meeting the brown wizard, encountering the wargs early on, and the encounter with Golem was a bit different. Yeah... I didn't like it as much as I hoped, but most of the reasons are just Purist nitpicks. The movie's fine, I guess, I just wished it had more of the feel of the original book. And of course there is humor (the dwarves have a belching match, The fat one sits on a chair and it breaks, a bit of humor with the three trolls, and other stuff). I can't recommend this as good as I can the other ones, that shows how disappointed I was :/ Man.

Gotta write a paper about my favorite song. I like writing this stuff, but here's the problem, what is my favorite song? The RockmanZX(A) Soundtrack? Skillet? J-POP? The list goes on...
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Nooo!!!! Not the computer... Ugh, technology, am I right?
    Your disappointment with the Hobbit sounds like me with the Sword Art Online problems I had with Jothumeir, that whole part they left out. And a paper on your favourite song?! How easy is that?! I have to write about "Should the canteen have a healthier menu?" and "Is My Place a good book for children to study?" BOOOORING.
    My advice is to think of a few songs, write about all of them and choose your favourite, or continue with the easiest song to write about.


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