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Birthday Today!

So today is my birthday! Mom made me Tuna Casserole for lunch, and Stew with Buns (that I made) for Dinner. Life's good. Dad's gonna come home tomorrow, so that's when we'll have the cake! I've decided on a Chocolate one with Chocolate frosting, and We're gonna bake it in the round pan mom has, which is sweet, because we usually bake the cake in a square pan. Mom's gonna try to make some white frosting to make a pattern, which will be cool! I'm hoping for a screw attack symbol.

What else today... Things on the Wiki are acting up again. Yao sounds like he's on the way outta there if he doesn't change stuff soon. He's becoming more aggressive, especially since he became Goji's (the banned guy) personal messenger. Luckily, we were able to shake things up a little by Steve joining the wiki and acting like a normal member and getting him in a corner with simple questions. Hehe. It's not like I enjoy it, but that guy's been causing trouble for a very long time.

Gonna go work on something else for a bit. Happy Birthday for me!
Sayonara for now!

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