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Bed Cleaning

Last night, John saw a mouse crawl across our floor when it was bedtime, so we tore back some of the old shelves and old drawers, and of course couldn't find it. Then we pulled back my bed (which is next to the same wall) and there was nothing there, except junk. Forgotten scrap paper, tissues, dust and orthodontic rubber bands were down there, but worst of all, there were some termite tunnels running around (which were thankfully abandoned). I also have this cardboard box that I shoved some of my old doodles into, and when we moved it around, lo and behold, the termites turned it into a colony! An abandoned one, granted, but all my wonderful pieces of paper had a network of holes through them! So the next day (today) after I finished my school, I pulled back by bed and started cleaning up. I had to burn the box and the contents (sadly, for some of them, anyway), and sweep, and then mop the floor underneath, and then move everything back. I nearly had a full grocery bag of trash when I was done. But then again, the messiness proves I'm a genius! Geniuses don't have time for being tidy when they brainstorm. (Oh, how I flatter myself)

Also, since the last electric bill was equal to $100, Dad made us stop using our fans for the month. Since our house is made of dark wood, it gets hot pretty easily. So we have some table fan we use for our beds and a big fan in the tv room to keep our upstairs cool, but now we have to switch em off until the month is up. Things aren't so bad, things are only bad at night, when mosquitoes have no excuse to leave us alone, and my... er... ringing is more prominent without the hum of the fans. So the first night I had my brothers hide my Mp4, and I went out for a walk without music (torture, I tell you). When I came back in, apparently Dad got the scoop, and he asked me about how long I've been ringing. The answer: Since nearly back in Loda. Since I've already had ear work when I was little, you can imagine how he felt. So I'll be keeping any sort of headphone out of my ears for a long time and see if it improves. 

This is one of the problems of life nowadays. Ever since the mid nineteen hundreds, people have been under the 'do what I want' impression for life. Though it started out with  hippies and all that, things got a bit out of hand. I think the biggest problem (besides people being without God in this situation, of course) is that people have forgotten about the factor of 'Cause and Effect.' When you do something, something's gonna happen. When you do only what you want, things are gonna get bad. You reap what you sow (It's not Karma, it's a Christian saying, people). When people want what they want, they'll do it, and not care about what happens later. Of course, this has been mankind's problem for a very long time, but in such a small world, these things are becoming so obvious. I didn't care about my ears, so I just kept listening to music, and now they're ringing. I didn't want to spend a little bit of time on my stories and wiki, and now I'm behind. What's gonna happen when I grow up? We all need help to overcome these little things that build up and become problems, but we can't just look away and forget about it, we need God. And only God can save us from Sin. I've been reading a book for school, and it's called (don't take the title seriously) 'How to Ruin Your Life by Thirty,' and it's perfect for Christian Teens. It's opened my eyes to a lot of stuff, and I really think it can help. There's an eBook for it, and I'm pretty sure there's plenty of eReader apps, so you don't need to go to a bookstore for it.

Tomorrow's my Birthday. But we aren't going to do Cake until Dad comes home from the village. And what do I wanna do on my Birthday? Nothing special. Just a blog post, these deadlines have exhausted me. I'm also having a bit of trouble deciding what I want for my cake. Mom usually makes a Chocolate Cake with a special frosting on it (that's awesome, by the way), but for this year, I wanna shake things up a bit. Should I go with Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, or a Chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting? We're gonna do a different type of chocolate cake because the usual type mom makes for birthdays is really filling, and as for the frosting, Cream Cheese is easier to decorate, but my love of Chocolate makes me yearn for Chocolate frosting, but that one's harder to decorate. Unless of course mom makes some white icing, which may take a little more work. Suggestions?
Going to go drink some imported hot choco...
Sayonara for now!

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