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300th POST!!

Pop the bottles! Blow the trumpets! Today is my 300th post! I have officially made Three Whoppin hundred posts! And what better way to celebrate? First how about a recap?

Steve has recently gotten back into a Franime that we used to watch in the golden days of 2004 back in the US, called Code Lyoko. It's called a Franime because it's made in France, but it's animation style is very similar to Anime. Though the art style isn't very much so (big foreheads... small eyes), the story is interesting, but as nearly all animes have fallen victim to, the voices they chose for the American version may turn some people off. And of course, this show was released in Japan, so if you prefer subs, there you go. The story takes place in a junior-high boarding school, and a few students discover a super-computer hidden inside a factory nearby, and the computer serves as a gateway into a cyber-world called Lyoko, and a Virus called XANA awakens from the computer. Since the computer can move objects and people and alike in and out of Lyoko, XANA starts leaking out into the real world and causing general mayhem (such as infecting a mist of N2O, infecting a swarm of rats to attack the school, inhabiting a suit of armor to hunt people down, etc.), and when that happens, the kids have to transfer themselves into Lyoko and shut down the tower that XANA infected to restore order, and then use the computer to set time back a day so the calamity never happened, but only those who use the computer can remember. The plot is interesting enough for any Anime-fan, and of course there is shipping (Vive le France), and fan service... (again, Vive le France) but anyway, the show is interesting and fun, and isn't your average Y7-FV show. The show was made in '03, so for the first few seasons, the CG sequences seem a little lack-luster, but it's fine, really.

We went to the Landlady's for dinner to commemorate the second anniversary of the Landlord's passing, and there were a lot of people down there, and they all were Thai. The food was good, and one guy could speak a bit of english, and we had a chat with him. We each got each other confused sometimes, and he said with a smile (and a big accent)'I can't speak good english, and you can't speak Thai!' That was a nice time.

And now, for the commemoration of my 300th post... The thing I've been working on for nearly Four days... IS HERE! I give you...
Original Scan
This! Again, I was hoping on doing some better shading, but I didn't have the skill or patience. As you can probably guess, this is a piece of work for Neo-Soldier! My first real piece of artwork! Though the colors aren't completely as good as they looked in my head, I like it fine. I actually took a picture from the web of a cityscape to get an idea on how to draw these. Sadly there is a bit of detail lost because of the layering, such as the dude's scarf not being completely covered by the flames in the background, or some colors being drowned and/or smudged. I was kind of rushed. Felt like I had a deadline. Anyway, finally an Artwork update! Please let me know what you think!

Gonna go play Megaman!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Woooooooooah... that looks SO COOL!!!!! What program did you use? You should do more of these!!!


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