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You Ready for This?!

So it will be another five or so months, but I had to start talking about it. Trivia? What's the most successful, most popular, and most well-known (and perhaps infamous?) Anime/Manga of all time?
As the Watermarks suggest, I didn't scan this Image. saiyanisland did.

Dragon Ball Z. This is what got me into Anime in the first place, and it's also one of the few pieces of Japanese Media that my Dad actually likes. This is DBZ's first theatrical Movie for a long time (nearly five years, and the last movie wasn't even an hour), and it's supposed to be awesome. The original author; Akira Toriyama, is heavily involved in this project, so purists about the original story can know that the original author had a lot to do for this. Oh yeah, this movie is going to be 180 minutes long. I know some people know DBZ for Violence and or it's extremely lengthy fights, but this time it's going to be worth it, for fans of the show, I mean, and probably anybody who loves seeing people knock the snot out of each other. Did you know the Guy they're getting to play the purple thing does the dubbing for Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey for the Japanese releases?

Staying up till midnight today. Finally some rest from school. The new Smart Phone is amazing, and totally doesn't work with Sega Emulators. Sigh... Well, with the Wii back, hopefully we can get things going with cous Derek... If we get in touch!
Gonna go watch Steve get whooped inside Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I think my browser's playing up, the blog looks weird. Or maybe that's just cause I have an ancient browser.
    Anyway, I was thinking, 'Naruto?' But then it was Dragonball Z. My friend Ryan likes that show... I've never seen it. I'm not one for constant fights in anime, I like my fluffy sub or main plots. :D


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