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Village, Truck, and Blackout

So yesterday we went up to the village with dad, only Mom stayed home. It took only like an hour or two to get up there. We stopped by our old house and gave it a look about while Dad delivered some stuff to our friends. Then we went to dinner with our old Landlord up there, had some rice, beef (i think) and fish, Dad stayed and talked a bit, then it rained, then we got into the truck, grabbed some blankets from the house, and went on our way back. But it took much longer than the trip up because the rain had made a bunch of the rivers overflow! So we had to wait a bit for their depth to recede. Things seemed fine, but then we came across a tree that had fallen right in the trail. Dad tried to hack his way through, but the whole tree was in the path, so we left the truck behind and walked the rest of the way. We sang some songs to keep our morale up. Then we got to the forestry station, but nobody was up (or at least wanted to answer at ten pm), so Dad decided to walk up to a nearby town and use the phone to call mom and pick us up, while the kids stayed at an old shed. We stayed there for almost two hours until the van showed up. Sarah was scared half to death and was glad to see mom, while we were just plain tired. Mom had some cold pizza in the van for us, and we ate that. Then we got home at like 1:00 am. We had some food, took showers, and went straight to bed. The next day we had to finish a school book that mom assigned to us since we weren't able to the day before. Barely got any time on the computer because of that, but that's school for you. Then it blacked out for a few hours. Not fun. That night me and the others were able to work some stuff out for a story, and that was fun.

But that was all yesterday and the day before, it's morning the next day as I write this since I wasn't able to post yesterday. I just finished that book, 'Enchantress from the Stars', and is a nice, thought provoking book, but kinda boring. Anyways...

In some great news, Harmony of a Hunter 101% percent Run is coming in just three day! The final preview was just released too.
The music sounds awesome! I have vowed not to listen to my Mp4 until the album is released and I download my songs. It may help my small hissing ear problem too.

Back on the Ultra Wiki, Goji (the big trouble maker) is allowed to post on his Talk page, and he was giving John a whole bunch of Badmouthing on how we're supposed to work together and John sticking to the guidelines (aka the rules, aka what's right, etc.) isn't letting us work together. Then he said how wrong John was using the crudest words possible. Thankfully, John had Dad to help write a proper reply. Either Goji's gonna get his adminship back and listen, or he's gonna become a normal user, or not a user at all. And if he argues further... I honestly don't want Goji back no matter what, unless he decides to listen. We don't need a guy like that to gum up the wiki.

...Sigh... I'm gonna play Megaman ZX while I wait.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Wow, long night huh?

    Wait... hissing problem... in your ear? James, exactly how loud do you play your mp4?
    Have I mentioned I force the boys to turn their ipods down to half volume at least?

    Haha, sorry if I'm pushy, I'd just hate to see any of my friends go deaf before they're twenty.


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