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Village tomorrow

Had a little thing yesterday. My facebrace is being hampered because of the stress I am enduring. The pain in my teeth are the least of my troubles, rather the pain of my face being inflamed and abraded by the constant pressure is, though not deathly excruciating, is very uncomfortable. I have a mechanical schedule of putting my brace on at six and taking it off at eight the next morning, but because of my constant on-off sessions, my face has lost its immunity and the pain is back full force. My past several nights have been next to sleepless. I've been driven to cut my sessions short sometimes, sadly. I finally expressed my concerns to dad, and got a complete lowdown on the condition, and a little emotional. Dad says that we can call the Doctor and see if there is a way to help reduce my pain, as once that's out of the way, I'm good to go. Now I am taking a break until we can get word to the doctor. I am thankful for my parents.

Anyways, today we just finished the show; 'The Legend of Korra', the next Avatar show airing on Nickelodeon. Though the initial season has run its course, the second one is upcoming early next year, hopefully. The show is AMAZING, I can't explain the sheer awesomeness of it. Because of my Limited Anime exposure recently, Korra has done her job of keeping me entertained. I highly recommend it to anime and cartoon fans alike! And, if people are into shipping, don't worry, there's plenty of it. Though America is willing to push things more than an Anime is.

Me and my bros are going up to the village tomorrow with dad. We'll be back the same day, but it will be a good portion of the day spent, so I might make it late again. Hope things are good up there, I haven't been up there in so long...Hopefully I'll bring back some pictures!
Sayonara for now! 

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