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VERY Late Post

This past week, I have found myself bored by my blog's current look. I remember I first gave it a new look to commemorate my arriving to America, and that was well over a year ago. So... I decided to give my Blog an almost complete overhaul, changed the post count per page to one to save space, and added some extra content at the bottom! There's just a bit of personal info at the bottom, and a slideshow with a few facts I scraped together. I was hoping for more, but oh well. I was also hoping to put a picture I just took up, but oh well. Maybe I can do that soon.

Me and the Others are brainstorming about our current stories, and we came across ideas for our Dark Links in Lozoot! I don't wish to give too much away, except that they are opposites, but if people truly want to know more, they can let me know in the comments (not intending to sound rude).

We have moved the computer desk upstairs and the place where I put my computer is right in between the wall and the couch, so now I have a little pocket of privacy. UPDATE: Dad decided to move the couch downstairs, so that's one factor gone. Anyway, I have been able to get a lot of work done, especially Neo-Soldier! I vow that the next Chapter is VERY close, though probably not within the week. I am having writer's block heaven over here! Phantasm isn't doing too good...

Once Neo-Soldier and Phantasm is done, I will take a long break from the internet and Help my brother on the Ultraman Wiki. This will give me time to reboot my imagination and such. The Wii's still fried, but Pokemon's been fun now that all four kids have games. Yeah...

Did you know that Skandar (Edmund's actor from Narnia) hated hugs and Anna (Susan) would torture him?
Sayonara for now!

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  1. The white arond the edges of the black on the new layout are a bit distracting... maybe it's just my ye-olde internet explorer. Oh well. I have it because I like the layout.

    Haha, I always strive for privacy with technology... I don't like people to see what I do as it happens. XD


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