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Two New Games

Yesterday a Package arrived from dearest Nana. Inside; a BUNCH of schoolbooks (our little holiday is about to end), four jars of Ovaltine (Thank you, Nana! :D), a shiny Black Kindle for our school reading needs (thank you, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Betty!), and...
Pokemon Black 2 Boxart EN.pngPokemon White 2 Boxart EN.png
Steve and Sarah got Pokemon Black and White 2! Steve took Black, and Sarah took white (thankyouthankyou Nana!), and the two are enjoying their new experience, and now Me, John, and Steve have Gen V games! Steve is enjoying his new party, and he put together a whole list of names for his Pokemon beforehand so he was ready for every Pokemon he got. Sarah just named them as things went. For example, she named her female Snivy 'Eve.' Snivy is a grass type Snake looking Pokemon, so when you trace the connections, the name is very fitting. Me and Steve already did two IR battles. I won the first, Lost the second. But that's about to change... Now with our own Kindle, I can practice my eBook making a little easier.

Still two days until Harmony of a Hunter 101%, I've been tempted to take my Mp4 out. But thankfully, my ringing has indeed hushed a little! I'm putting some more Songs unto it so I have plenty to listen to when I use it again.

Oh... I forgot to mention this so many times before, but I found $42 in my old drawer. That's 1400.- closer to my computer, coupled with the 850.- I already have. If I save up my two upcoming coupons I'll be even closer! It's really hard to resist spending this!

I've also had good Sessions with Neo-Soldier, finally! However I have hit a bit of a Block with Phantasm, so expect slow updates D:> sorry!

I'm gonna go brainstorm and die of music temptations.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Oooh, Pokemon. Gotta love pokemon!! Writers block happens to everyone, don't sweat it.


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