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SmartPhone yeah!!

the photo I was trying to add earlier

Dad came home from the city yesterday, and brought back some food, and some goodies! He got our Wii cable fixed, and he brought home a new phone for mom; a Galaxy Pocket! We were fascinated and I immediately started checking out the stuff I could do. I downloaded two emulators; one is for GB and the other is for GBA. However, the phone couldn't download roms (I just fixed that in the settings), so we moved the roms from a computer and on to our SD we used for the wii (which is actually a MiniSD inside an adapter, by the way), copied the stuff we wanted, and I moved the SD onto the Phone, and now we can play emulators! Of course it's not very easy with no real buttons and all, but I'm looking into improvements. I got Steve the first Kirby Game, myself the second Metroid Game, and John Zelda Oracle of Ages (all Game Boy), and then I moved on an Advance Emulator, and moved on Super Mario bros Advance 2 for Sarah, Megaman Zero 2 for me, Nightmare in Dreamland for Steve, and DBZ Buu's fury for John (isn't all that a mouthful?) I also downloaded a kindle app for mom. Also, the app comes pre-downloaded with some Google+ Goodies, like a messenger system. This oughta make things easier.
John playing Oracles
 Unfortunately, things aren't always the way we want it. Just two days ago, Steam (an online game service) offered a major discount for Sonic Generations ($30 down to $7!), and when Dad came home, we tried to buy it, but since we were in Thailand, and tried to use an American credit card, the site wouldn't let us make the purchase, so I had to write a letter to the support team, (which they still didn't reply to...), and by the time this all became apparent, the discount ended. SIGH... Well, the phone oughta keep me occupied. Plus the Wii's back! (Did I forget to mention that?)

I'm gonna look for new stuff for the phone.
Sayonara for now!

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