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God Bless!


Mixed day

Today has been mixed. I learned that Dad will be holding an office meeting of sorts with Mark and co again, and that will be chance for us to talk with Johny again! However, we're being assigned to different cleaning jobs each day, but oh well, nothing strenuous. John got into watching Knight Rider, which is a pretty cool show. I recommend giving it a look.

On great, sadder news, Lass is dead. One of our laps up the trail, we see Lass playing around, and on the lap down, we find her dying and dead. Not very easing on the heart. I'll have to admit, Lass was my favorite of the pups. But nothing lasts forever. We're not sure what we're going to do yet. Dad was going to talk with some people who are living on the property about it. Either we're going to bury her or put her in a bag, but she's not really our dog so. It's like we're losing them left and right, with one sick and another dead. Oi... When Spot died, our Dad read us a verse from the Bible that suggests that all Animals go to heaven. So that's a bit of an up. Let's spend a moment to thank God for all that comes and goes.

I'm gonna go for a walk.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Ah.
    I never really know what to say about death. I don't cry at funerals, I find things like that difficult. I'm very sorry to hear about her.


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