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God Bless!


Luck? Providence?

Dad is having a blast with minecraft. He has a nice home in a big mountain, he has a garden and a farm, and a monster trap, and lots of ores. He has a whole double chest devoted to iron and the such and it's nearly halfway full! He also has plenty of diamonds, partly thanks to me. I'm his good luck charm :P Whenever he's out mining, when I walk into the room and have a talk with him, he manages to find some diamonds within a couple of minutes. It hasn't failed once. Dad thinks it might be a small bit of providence, like how when John bought that magic 8-ball in America, sometimes we would ask it if it were a waste of money, and every time is says yes. Hang on a sec... just asked it again. It said 'definitely'. So Dad thinks God gives us these special pleasures so we can remember him. I think that's cool. Some people like to shut out worldly things, but anything can glorify God. Even Father-Son Time with Minecraft.

I've been playing a Link to the Past on ZSNES and having a good time. I can see why People think it's such a great game. It does stuff that later games try to emulate, but only it pulls it off. It is amazing, and if you have eight bucks or so to spare, I recommend getting it off the Wii VConsole (granted you have a Classic or GC controller), or if you have a couple MB left and aren't afraid of risking it, try emulation. Granted things will be a lot easier if you have a joypad. My PS-Esque joystick is doing the perfect trick for Super Nintendo games. If you have Joytokey, you can also hook up a Joypad to Minecraft! Though I prefer the mouse over the right stick. I was never good at FPS on consoles.

Also, I have some more news on the WiiU. For technical stuff, the WiiU will need an update once it's unpackaged. A WiiU needs some profiles in order to keep track of game data. A profile needs at least a Mii and a name in order to be valid and there can be up to twelve profiles in one system. As for prior data, a special free app must be downloaded off of the Wii U and put into an SD card which is moved into a Wii console, which in turn must download another App. This app will copy/transfer data to the SD card, which can be moved to the WiiU to be properly downloaded. I dunno if the Wii will keep its data or not, the source article was a little flawed, but you can go check it out for yourself at the Metroid Database.

That's it for now! Sorry about the lack of updates, things have been slow and hard to work around. Rest assured, I am trying. Sayonara for now!

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