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God Bless!


Ita... ITAAA!

My mouth HURTS. You know that awful achy feeling you get when you have a loose tooth? Imagine that feeling, though like half as bad, in every tooth. Not fun at all!! My teeth are in no danger of falling out, they just feel like it! I can barely chew, it hurts so bad! The pain has made me lose my appetite... however, I did discover I could chew with my gums, avoiding the hurting teeth. It's easier with Rice and noodles. Hopefully tomorrow or the next It'll clear up, but I'm taking a break from my brace till then. At least I can sleep properly tonight. The pain coupled with the pain from my face brace (I wear it at night sometimes) made my night next to sleepless. I got an hour of easy sleep when my fourteen hours were done and I took it off. Woke up at nine. Tonight will be considerably easy since I get the bed tonight! (There are two guest rooms, Steve gets one, and me and John get the other, but each has only one bed, so me and John take turns, the other sleeping on a floor mat.) This is gonna be the last night here in Chiang Mai. Tomorrow we hit the road... the mind numbing road... So before I leave, why don't we lay down what work I've done?

  • Uploaded two chapters of Phantasm, with the latter being almost two weeks late
  • Near completed the next Chapter of Lozoot (Lazy issues! Gomen!)
  • Worked on other projects
  • Made little progress on Neo-Soldier
Three weeks, and two story updates. Two out of three, I guess that's not so bad. But I was hoping on making more progress, especially on Neo-Soldier. It's been over a year since I last updated it... what is wrong with me?! Laziness and blockiness, that's what. I'm soo sorry it's taking so long! Truly am! But I'll have to make up for it later! It's bedtime!
Sayonara for now

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  1. Love the new chapter of LozOot. It's great because I get most of the real world references as well as the Zelda ones!!
    I feel so sorry for you about the teeth... :( Much love.


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