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Harmony of a Hunter 101%!!

So, that album that I've been waiting for almost a month is finally here! I was one of the first people to actually download it :P that's the advantage of timezones!
Though the first one was probably better, I still enjoy the 101 run! The songs are crisp and cool, though some could use some more umph. I especially liked the remixed Luminoth theme, Dark Samus' theme, and Nightmare theme. I also added a lot of songs to my Mp4 before going out walking again, and got plenty of cool songs. Joint (original and Bentley Jones version), some Kamen Rider Songs I forgot about, and some Sonic Songs.

Speaking of Kamen Rider, thanks to our daring uploaders, lots of Kamen Riders are finally back on youtube. This is especial good news for me, because facebook player wasn't doing it for me. Now I can finally Finish Kamen Rider Agito! I guess Kamen Rider is the closest thing to Anime I can get at without doing extensive research. The story styles are reasonably similar. But ever since Kamen Rider Double, things got a little silly. Once I'm done with Agito, I'll move on to Faiz. I kinda need the research since it has a similar feel I want Neo-Soldier to have.

I'm gonna go do... other stuff. Steve's Pokemon story is almost at the climax! EDIT: Is at the Climax, and is beating up the final baddy.
I'm going to go watch him.
Sayonara for now!

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