The Mangaka's Desk is a missionary kid's blog from Thailand. Thailand's Piracy level makes genuine products hard to come across, and constant writer's block makes my updates slow. Bear with me, and I hope you enjoy my Blog!
God Bless!



...Not much happening today. It's surprising, I know. But I was able to do a little work on something.

With our new Kindle, I decided to try out my eBook making skills with Mobipocket creator. The file I decided to convert? Phantasm. I took the first two chapters (Fearless and Answerless), put them into a word doc, cleaned them up, added the cover, and converted it into an ebook. If you have an ebook app for your smart device, or an ebook program, or heck an ebook device itself, then feel free to download it on the side of the page, right next to the post title. Feel free to check out the other stuff I put up on there. Speaking of which, remember a while back I said I was trying to upload an 8-bit version of 'What I'm Made of'? Well now you can download it! It's perfectly Virus-free, though I won't be responsible if your system doesn't agree with what it just ate (which is very unlikely). Be sure to send feedback!

Sayonara for now!

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