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Creepy Pasta

CreepyPasta, in case you don't know, is the internet equivalent to campfire stories. And by that, I mean Scary Stories. Remember that 'Ben' thing with that Hacked Majora's mask game? How about Herobrine? How about players claiming that Lavender town was haunted? That's all CreepyPasta. Here's another one; Hypno's Lullaby. Watch at your own risk.

Anyways, I discovered that our new kindle could do Internet! It's a bit experimental, and of course it can't load flash files (with sound, anyway). However for some reason, it wouldn't read the mobile version of my blog... hm...

Mom's making Cake Donuts (or is it donut cakes? I forget). I didn't really like Mom's homemade donuts because for some reason the grease gave me... problems. But the donuts she just made are nice and tasty. Though some cocoa powder mixed with powdered sugar should be in order, but oh well.

Fixed up the blog a little to lower page space. I also added plus buttons to the two text gadgets at the bottom. That's it.
Sayonara for now. Time to do Algebra.

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  1. Hehe, creepy things creep me out, especially creepy internet things. Slender scared the wits out of me, Herobrine gave me chills, sheesh, not fun. Not going to watch that video. XD

    Kindle can do internet? Nice.
    Oh yeah, my onee-chan said that she's likely okay to do wifi battles, just give her some time to get some pokemon and train 'em up. She hasn't even opened the game box, yet!! :)


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