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God Bless!



The landlord's  caretaker dug a hole for Lass and buried her. The other sick dog wandered off but we can still hear her whining. Looks like Obama might've won the election. Four more years of job-less people and insane gas prices, and did I forget chaos? God help America, but perhaps his will is being done. America was built upon Christian principles, but isn't living up to it with its current leaders. Maybe this is providence.

Things have either gotten better or worse on the Ultra Wiki. One admin, Goji73, was giving an amateur user a hard time and threatened to ban him. Me and John tried to tell him that's not proper and is even against Wikia's regulations, but he wouldn't listen. Finally, after John told the user he was okay, Goji replied right back saying. 'Don't listen to his Baby talk. This is the way I run things, and you better get in line or you're going to get kicked out.' That is solid ground for banning, and now we are one admin short. That guy did a lot of good editing, but he wasn't mature enough when it came down to it. I hope things improve.

I'm going to go and try to watch the Legend of Korra.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I really don't know where to stand on the American election... I've heard that Obama's bad and that Romney's bad... *sigh*

    Why must people be bullies?!


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